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Upright MRI Siting Requirements

Upright MRI siting requirements


Magnet Room

Minimum Installed Area
504 sq. feet [28' x 18'] (46.8 sq. meters)
Ceiling Height Required 11 feet (3.35 meters)

Magnet Specification

245,000 lbs. (111,130kg)
which equals = 122.5 US tons (111.1 Metric tons)
Assembled in pieces on-site

Frame Outer Dimensions

102 in. (259cm) W x 107 in.(272 cm) H x 176 in. (447 cm) D

Power Requirements

480 Volt, 3-phase, 125 Amps

Power Consumption

100 KVA, The magnet is turned off when not in use

Magnet Room Heat Load

30,000 BTU

Equipment Room

Minimum Installed Area 240 sq. feet [12' x 20'] (21 sq. meters)
Heat Load 48,000 BTU

System Racks


Power Requirements

120/208 Volt, 3-phase, 200 Amps

Power Consumption

20 KVA

Closed-loop air-cooled water chiller (included with system)



30 tons

Power Requirements

480 Volt, 3-phase, 100 Amps

Power Consumption

47 KVA (when running)

Upright MRI siting diagram

Upright MRI siting diagram